Meet Our Staff

Dr. Ash

Dr. Ash later obtained his Doctorate of Chiropractic Degree with  honors from Texas Chiropractic College in Pasadena, Texas.  He has over  10 years of Chiropractic experience which included treating the New  Orleans Saints, New Orleans Zephrys professional baseball team, and the  New Orleans Voodoo arena football team. 

He is a member of the American Chiropractic Association, Texas  Chiropractic Association, Christian Chiropractic Association, Georgetown  Chamber of Commerce and Celebration Church. 

He is a dedicated husband and father to his wife Maryori and kids  Olivia and Avery. He enjoys an active lifestyle that involves hiking,  snow skiing, biking, and exercising.  He also enjoys reading and  volunteering in the community. 

Dr. Ash and his team are committed to providing excellent, high  quality care to families of all ages. Helping individuals to live a  longer, happier, and enhanced quality of life is our primary goal. 

Credentials: Doctorate of Chiropractic, Registered Dietitian,  Applied Clinical Nutritionist, Certified Acupuncturist, Certified Gluten  Sensitivity Specialist

Maryori Ash - Business Manager

Maryori was born in Venezuela and has lived most of her life in  Texas. She graduated from Brewer High School.  After High School Maryori  started working in the banking business. She knew her way all over the  banking center from Teller to Branch Manager.  Maryori found her passion  in health after she met her husband Dr. Brooksie Ash. Maryori started  working with Dr. Ash after they relocated from Louisiana a year after  hurricane Katrina. They both build their Chiropractic practice together  which also includes nutrition, weight loss and massage. 

Lyndsie Campos - Weight Loss Coach

Lyndsie was born in Austin, Texas and grew up in Round Rock with her  amazing parents, and siblings. Lyndsie graduated from Stony Point High  School in 2008 where she was a member of the Health Science Academy all  four years.  She had the honor of rotating at various clinical sites  receiving hands-on experience and received her Certified Nursing  Assistance License. Lyndsie was also a member of the American Sign  Language club. In addition,  she played Varsity Volleyball and received  Offensive player of the year!  Since then, Lyndsie has been actively  studying Health Care at Blinn College and ACC.  She has worked as an  Assistant Teacher at Stepping Stone School caring for infants from 0-36  months. Following Stepping Stone, Lyndsie worked at Lakeline Oaks  Retirement Facility as caregiver for Alzheimer’s patients, where she was  able to help them with their cognitive memory and everyday activities.  During her time working there she saved the life of one her clients.  Lyndsie feels that moment changed her life forever. Ever since that  experience, she knew she was in the right field, as it is her passion to  care for and help others. 

With the great success of her mom’s accomplishments on the  Ideal Protein Program, being able to watch her daily transition, and how  it change her life for the better, Lyndsie knew at that point, she  wanted to study and understand the program in depth, in order to be able  to help others reach their goals. Lyndsie is now part of the Ash  Chiropractic and Wellness family, assisting on the Chiropractic team, as  well as a Weight Loss coach. Lyndsie also recently graduated from  Austin Community College in 2015 with a major in Health Kinesiology.   Lyndsie enjoys spending time with her family, going to church, running,  playing/coaching volleyball, and loves getting creative with arts and  crafts.

Eugenie Krager - Nutritional Consultant

Eugenie was born in Minneapolis, and has lived Florida, Arizona, California, and now Texas since 2004! Eugenie has a love for cooking and exploring different cuisines, fueled by a love to share meals with others! She shares her home with an adorable Boykin Spaniel who brings her abundant joy!

During a season of health concerns, she discovered Functional medicine and became eager to learn more.  She decided to change careers and began attending Austin Community College taking science classes and discovered what a learning geek she was! Eugenie acquired a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition Certificate from ISSA (International Sports Science Association). Eugenie has also received a certificate for Life Coaching form the Foundational for Christian Coaches: The institute for Life Coach Training. She has also completed the Dale Carnegie Course: Effective Communication & Human Relation. She is currently attending American College for Healthcare Sciences to achieve a Nutrition Consultant certificate.  

Eugenie has discovered how important the relationship between food, lifestyle, stress, environment, emotional and spiritual wholeness, as well as family and work dynamics to good health. Many health issues directly tie into how all these aspects of our lives intersect and may cause a variety of ill conditions.  She developed an interest in the benefits of vitamins and mineral supplements and reads everything she can about them as she considers reading and learning to be powerful, fulfilling and life-long process!

And now she is excited to be on the amazing team at Ash Chiropractic with the passion to help you gain your best health possible!