"Ash Chiropractic is the best place to start your path to wellness.  Dr.  Ash and his staff have made an amazing difference in my life.  I always  thought I was eating well, exercising properly and "healthy".  After  following Dr. Ash's recommendations for nutrition and exercising I feel  like a new person.  Even stronger, happier and more full of life than  before.  Then adding chiropractic adjustments and massage.......I feel  like a super hero.  Every day is a great day when you feel your best!"
— T. Carter

Neck/Jaw Pain

"I have been having neck and jaw problems due to a fall and minor auto  accident which started 10 years ago. This caused annoying jaw clicking  while eating along with muscle spasms and headaches.  After seeing Dr.  Ash, I have had no jaw clicking or neck pain. I come in for maintenance  care to help prevent the problem from coming back."
— Cecelia Russell

Upper Back Pain/Neck Pain

"I came to see Dr. Ash after having 10 years of neck and back pain.  I  had difficulty moving and falling asleep due to pain.  I was referred to  Dr. Ash from my primary care physician.  After receiving chiropractic  care, I have no pain and can perform my daily activities better and more  active."
— Carol Smith

Upper Back Pain/Neck Pain

"My son injured his back playing basketball and I took him in to see Dr.  Ash. After just a handful of treatments he was back on the court. What a  wonderful group of people I had taking care of my son. Interestingly  enough my son also had been suffering from weekly migraines and he has  not had one since his treatments with Dr. Ash. I am so very pleased with  the level of care and customer service we received. I highly recommend  Ash Chiropractic and Wellness!"
— Joy McVean

Neck Pain/Disc Bulge

"When I started seeing Dr. Ash, I had a lot of upper back and neck pain.  I had a difficult time moving my head to the side, poor posture with my  head leaning to the side, limited range of motion, difficulty  concentrating, and shooting pain in the arm.  This problem had been  going on for many years.  After getting chiropractic treatment, it has  helped me tremendously!  I am virtually pain free now with renewed  energy and range of motion.  I have also been able to exercise and lose  weight!"
— Dave Robinson

Neck Pain/Disc Bulge

"After having 10 years of constant back pain which consisted of major  arthritis and disc problems, now I am 76 years old and I am pain free  and more active"
— K. Norsworthy

Neck Pain/Disc Bulge

"I suffered from headaches, neck and back pain for over 5 years and took  medication to  help with the pain but it never solved the problem.  The  pain stopped me from being able to stand or sit for a length of time.   After seeing Dr. Ash, I am now able to stand up more than 8 hours per  day with no pain and have no more headaches."
— B. Strote

Neck Pain/Disc Bulge

"I had severe lower back and hip pain for 6 to 8 monts that hurt when I  stood, sat or moved. I went to several Orthopedic doctors  who referred  me to rehab for my low back which never helped. My next advise was  surgery or injections.  I decided at that point  to see a Chiropractor  and found Dr. Ash.  After the treatment program was over, I am able to  function normally.  I no longer have pain with sitting, standing, or  moving around.  I had heard of spinal decompression and I now I can say  that I am a true believer.  I now have my active life back and  no  longer worried  about my lack of quality of life.  Also not having to go  through surgery is a big relief.  I am so thankful for the quality and  professional services that I received with Dr. Ash and his staff."
— D. Smith

Neck Pain/Disc Bulge

"After my auto accident, I had severe neck and back pain and could not  work.  After getting Chiropractic care, I have no pain, more flexible,  and have returned back to work."
— J. Killingsworth

Neck Pain/Disc Bulge

"I was in two back to back auto accidents and had severe neck and back  pain along with headaches. After seeing Dr. Ash, I now can do can  perform daily activities with no pain."
— A. Rodriguez

Neck Pain/Disc Bulge

"I suffered with headaches, neck and low back pain for years.  After seeing Dr. Ash,  I have no pain and have more energy."
— K. Manske

Neck Pain/Disc Bulge

"After seeing another chiropractor, my low back pain never went away.  I  now have no more low back pain and I can now exercise again."
— B. Petty

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

"I was having discomfort in my wrists for a year and was facing surgery.   I immediately saw relief after my first visit.  I am no longer having  surgery and have more strength in my hands and no more pain.""
— P. Latham
— P. Latham and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.

Low Back Disc Bulge

"I was having lower back pain with shooting pain down my legs due to a  disc bulge that was revealed on MRI.  It prevented me from doing my  normal daily activities and was difficult to perform my job duties.  After having adjustments and spinal decompression, I am in no more pain  and feel like I have my life back."
— C. Counts

Lower Back Pain/ Degenerative Disc Disease

"I have suffered from lower back pain for a very long time to the point  where I could not perform or do the things that I loved to do.  After  having spinal decompression, I have no pain and feel my quality of life  is back to normal."
— J.W. Leone

Headaches/Neck and Low Back Pain

"Suffered years from spinal pain and headaches that never went away  unless I took a lot of Advil and medication.  After seeing Dr. Ash, I  feel more energetic every day."
— K. Manske

Low Back Pain/Neck Pain

"I initially saw Dr. Ash for severe neck and shoulder pain. He was able  to greatly relieve the apin within about 3 treatments so I then decided  to have my low back pain treated.  I have suffered from low back pain  from about 25 years and have been known to to take as many as 18 advil  per day just to function. Since seeing Dr. Ash, I have been able to stop  taking advil and my posture has improved so much that now I am able to  stand and sit with minimal or no pain.  Coming here has been a  huge  help, not only in terms of pain relief but in terms of a renewed focus  on my health and on nutrition as well. I am amazed each day with the  things I can now do without the pain."
— Nancy Chisum

Low Back Pain/Neck Pain

"I have been suffering from low back pain for three months and could not  walk or stand up for even a short period of time. The only relief I got  was lying down. After seeing Dr. Ash, I can do walk and stand with no  problems."
— W. Plough

Low Back Pain/Neck Pain

"I have been suffering with low back pain due to disk problems that  never went away with other standard Chiropractic treatments which  provided relief but never made the pain go away.  After receiving spinal  decompression therapy, I have noticed a decrease in my low back pain  and improved quality of life."
— M. Wright

Low Back Pain/Neck Pain

"I have been suffering with neck pain for years and since Dr. Ash my  neck pain has gone and I can now move my neck better and can sleep  better at night."
— Melba Kemble

Low Back Pain/Neck Pain

"Before seeing Dr. Ash, I had been having tightness in the neck and  tingling in the left arm for several years.  After receiving  chiropractic care, exercises and spinal decompression and it has  eliminated the problem."
— Frank Ivy

Low Back Pain/Neck Pain

"I was side swiped in an auto accident and had severe  pain up and down  my spine which affected my daily activities. After receiving  chiropractic care, I feel great. Dr. Ash and his staff was the "perfect  medicine" for me."
— George Reuben

Low Back Pain/Neck Pain

"I had been dealing with shoulder and mid back pain for 9 months which  was greatly affecting my job as a dental hygienist. I was referred to  Dr. Ash through a friend.  After receiving chiropractic care, my pain is  gone, less tense, and can perform my job with no problems."
— Mellissa Terry

Neck Pain

"I was having miserable neck pain that would not go away. Dr. Ash my  first and only professional to attempt to ease the pain.  Come to find  out, I had a pinched nerve in my neck. After receiving chiropractic  care, I have not had neck pain since the first occurrence and can do my  normal activities."
— Phillip Herridge

Auto Accident

"I had major neck and back pain that prevented me from turning my neck.   Dr. Ash immediately had some x-rays taken to see if anything was out of  the ordinary and laid out a plan for recovery.  The pain limited me  from performing my job correctly and my mobility was severely affected.   Chiropractic has helped my condition as well has my total way of life.   I am more able to do things better than before and with more energy.   Dr. Ash has brought a new level of living for me as well as my family."
— Gerardo Villarreal

Lower Back Pain

"I was having low back pain for over two weeks with was almost constant.   After seeing Dr. Ash, I feel so much better and barely notice any pain  anymore."
— Dominique Tetrault

Radiating Leg Pain/Low Back Pain

"I have been having low back pain for many years that also radiated pain  into my left leg. I was taking celebrex daily and have had a previous  low back surgery in 2007.  The problem caused me to miss work, less  active, and made me walk funny. This caused me to also gain weight.   Since seeing Dr. Ash, I no longer take medication, feel stronger, no  more radiating pain in the leg and losing weight because I am now more  active."
— Michael Barnes

Radiating Leg Pain/Low Back Pain

"I had a fall in September of 2007 and injured my shoulder, mid back,  and neck which started causing nagging pain. Since having chiropractic  care, it has relieved and ended my pain. I've been able to fell like "my  old self" and can work out weekly which I haven't been able to do in  years."
— Jan Bezner

Radiating Leg Pain/Low Back Pain

"I have been having low back pain for over a year that never went away.  Chiropractic has helped me so much and I have no pain and can sleep  better."
— Heather Pyne

Disc Herniation

"Before seeing Dr.Ash, I had tingling and numbness that went into my  right arm and into my hand.  Surgery was recommended to remove a very  large herniated disc in my neck.  I had these symptoms for 8 months and  by the end of my workday, I could hardly use my right arm and hand.   Now, after receiving spinal decompression and therapies for 8 weeks, I  have just about alleviated all my symptoms.  I can now perform my job  and my overall quality of life is better."
— Brenda Zingg

Professional Caring Group

Everyone was helpful and pleasant to work with, seemed to truly care  about me and my concerns. Would highly recommend the front office and Dr. Ash.

- Paula W.

Great with Kids!

I have two very active young boys and after my 7 year old had been  complaining about back pain I took him in to see Dr. Ash - he had his  first adjustment and everything went great!  We will continue follow up  care at Ash Chiropractic & Wellness!

- Kristin H.

Efficient and Professional

I was very impressed with this team. They knew my name when I arrived,  were prepared for my visit, gave me a tour, and wasted no time getting  down to business. Dr. Ash listened, asked the right questions, didn't  make me feel rushed and explained everything very well.

- Julie C.

Great Experience!

I completed the initial session of LipoMelt with Maryori -- it was  wonderful!  Thanks to the written information and discussions we had  beforehand, I was well prepared for the treatment.  It was quick,  simple, and painless.  Looking forward to the results!

- Kathy S.

Always professional and helpful!!

We have been going to Dr Ash for the past several weeks. My son has been  having back problems and Dr Ash has been trying EVERYTHING to help!

- Karri K.

Very caring staff

I absolutely love Dr. Ash and his staff!!! Every single visit has always  been 110% positive. They make you feel cared for as a human being not a  number. If I could be there regularly as advised I would be there  faithfully. I truly believe that Dr. Ashs belief, mission and passion is  to help ppl live an optimal healthy life. Thank you for healing hands  and healing words.

- Deborah P.

Excellent "bedside manner", friendly, thorough

I am super pleased that I finally got it together to take better care of  my health and well being! Everyone at Ash are extremely friendly,  helpful and mindful of mental and physical individual needs. He "read my  mind" in regards to my body before I even filled him in on issues! Very  professional.

- Denise B.

Excellent first visit

First visit was very pleasant and helpful.  Dr Ash and staff were  friendly and knowledgeable.  They took the time to show me around,  answered my questions and competently administered treatment.  My back  feels much better already and I am looking forward to my follow up  appointment tomorrow.

- Jeffrey B.

Friendly, professional and a lot of services

I appreciate having so many wellness services in one place. I visit for  chiropractic adjustments but have occasionally had a massage and a  sauna. Staff are outgoing and accommodating. I like going there.

- AnnMarie L.

Awesome massage

Always an amazing experience from walking in the door and being greeted,  to having an amazing staff and services. Best chiropractor and  massage!!!!

- Marisa H.